PFM targets Interpack to unveil latest innovations

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Italian packaging group PFM is set to present a number of new
packaging innovations at Interpack 2005 next month.

The Scirocco with vision system robot for example is an innovative flow pack line composed of the Scirocco Super Long Dwell and an automated feeding system complete with video camera.

The loading system features an electronic arm complete capable of locating and picking products up from the transport belt and placing them onto the flow-pack wrapper.

PFM says that the system has been further improved by the new Super Long Dwell cross sealing system, which has increased packaging speeds up to 200 ppm, with guaranteed hermetic seals. This makes the product ideal for the MAP (modified air packaging) sector that is booming due to increasing sales of ready meals.

The Super Long Dwell system is based on a concept that PFM claims guarantees extended working safety and stability over time. The rotating mechanical components are placed in an oil bath inside a box, and the system also features on-line servicing, touch screen control and a new diagnostics system.

The company will also be presenting the new Comet Super Long Dwell combined with the MBP 14-head XM STEP IP 65 high-speed multi-head weighing machine. This has been designed specifically for the packaging of granular products, chips, snacks and sweets, where high production speeds are required.

The packaging machine will be presented alongside the new Super Long Dwell sealing system, which increases the machine's packaging speed. The Comet system achieves 180 mechanical packaging cycles a minute and functions with two independent brushless servo motors driven by an axis motion controller.

The new MBP 14-head XM STEP IP 65 high-speed multi-head achieves 140 weighings a minute and is fitted with step motors that make the opening/closing sequence of the pans independent. The machine body is divided into modular, interchangeable sections fitted with a quick connection system.

Maximum weighing precision guaranteed by digital control of every function. Thanks to the IP 65 protection system, the machine can even be washed directly under jets of water.

PFM Group's​ SPS Italiana Pack System will be unveiling an automatic line for the on edge packaging of biscuits composed of a portioner, Tagada high speed transfer system and Modulo flow-pack packaging machine. The company claims that the system treats products with extreme delicacy.

The portioner is an automatic device for both round, rectangular or square biscuits, which identifies the number of biscuits to be collected and then loads them onto the flow-pack packaging machine, starting from the accumulation belt. There is also a version with a dispenser available, which distributes the product over eight lines. It is capable of performing up to 25 cycles a minute.

Tagada is a patented circular-motion transfer system that enables up to 200 units a minute to be loaded onto the infeed belt of the MODULO flow pack horizontal packaging machine. Tagada collects the biscuits coming from the multi-section loader, by means of a pick up unit, which is designed to take into consideration product shape and, thanks to the circular self-following motion of the system, the biscuits are inserted and perfectly phased between the pushers of the packaging machine infeed conveyor.

SPS argues that the system should enable average productivity to be increased by around 60 per cent in complete working safety, with no risk of product breakage.

MBP, another company belonging to the PFM Group, specialises in the design and manufacture of multi-head and linear weighers and the development of form fill seal type vertical packaging machines. At Interpack 2005, MBP will be presenting Car 24, a new fill-seal machine for tubs of various shapes and sizes.

This is a new circular, rotary machine able to perform two basic functions: fill the product into the tubs and close them hermetically to prevent the contents from leaking out. MBP says that the machine can be completed with the aluminium flap sealing station and the application of the safety plastic lid, which closes the tubs.

Car 24 is capable of processing 60/80 tubs a minute thanks to a special loading disk featuring two concentric circles that enable two tubs to be filled per cycle. Moreover, the new machine allows extremely rapid format changing times thanks to the snap-on size rings and replacement system of the tubs dispensers and sealing stations.

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