Allulose is a versatile ingredient that satisfies both sweetness and functional build back aspects for sugar reduction. Pic: Ingredion

Sugar reduction

Ingredion’s Allulose offers sweet indulgence without the calories

By Anthony Myers

More and more consumers are cutting back on sugar — 84% say they have reduced their sugar intakes over the past year, according to latest research, Ingredion’s Allulose is just one of the alternatives on the market that offers a noncaloric solution to...

Cacao juice is rich in proteins, vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and polyphenols and is a natural energizer. Pic: Freebird Cacao Juice

Health and fitness

Freshly pressed: Why Freebird Cacao Juice could be a game-changer

By Anthony Myers

Marika van Santvoort, founder of Freebird, explains to ConfectioneryNews the benefits of cacao juice, not only for health-conscious western consumers, but also as potential extra revenue for cocoa farmers who are struggling on low incomes.