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Franz Haas Waffel has updated its machine for wafer and biscuit
production, which includes a new high-capacity wafer baking system,
and a new depositor for aerated creams, batters and marshmallows.

The re-design of its existing product line in the segment is being done to implement technical improvements,the company said.

The new design has large-surface panelling without projecting parts, integrated electric and electronic components,a reduced footprint size and higher ground clearance for easier cleaning.

The machine will be operated via integrated touch screen panels.on the sides and on top of cream spreaders and wafer cutters.

This newly developed wafer baking oven will have a capacity of about 80 large-sized (up to 350 x 730 mm) wafer sheets per minute,compared to the previous top capacity of about 50 wafer sheets per minute.

Currently there is no other system with such a capacity available on themarket, the company claims.

"In order to cope with the high output, the oven uses an innovative wafer sheet take-off system which works byvacuum," the company stated.

A rotating drum with suction cups gently picks up the baked wafer sheets and transfers them to an overhead conveyor which feeds them to the downstream wafer sheet cooler.

The Haas group also makes aeration equipment and ice-cream cone baking ovens.

The new Haas-Mondomix depositor is suitable for all types of aerated creams, batters and marshmallows.

It will allow producers to make three dimensional shapes for their food products.

Marshmallow can be extruded in continuous ropes on starch dusted conveyors, cut into individual articles,and have the shape of a house, snowman, chicken, lion, melon or strawberry.

The unit can also write letterson the product.

"For manufacturers, the key advantage is the ability to turn out a multitude of products on the sameline," the company said.

KitKat goes thermochromic Get ready for the perfect non-squidgy KitKat if you live in the UK.

Nestlé Rowntree has put a thermochromiclogo on its KitKat chocolate bar for those who hate a soft KitKat.

The thermochromic logo, which tells KitKat fanatics when the right temperature is reached, could spark a trend in the battle of the chocolate bar if consumersgo for it.

The thermochromic label will be printed directly onto the wrapper.

Once placed in the fridge, the bar will cool down and a note will appear on the wrapperindicating the chocolate is ready to be consumed.

A big blue yeti appears behind the KitKat logo on the front of the pack, and the three white snowflakes will turn blue when the bars are chilled.

The company has asked retailers to put their KitKats in the refrigerator with the incentive thatcustomers will also buy a beverage while looking for the bar, or the alternative.

KitKat sales inthe UK grew by 6 per cent in 2004.

KitKat is Rowntree's leading product. ]

And by the way, the perfect temperature for a KitKat is between 5C to 8C.

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