New emulsifier blend for confectionery

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A new emulsifier blend for confectionery, called Sucrosilk,
replaces lecithin and partly replaces gelatine.

The ingredient can increase production capacity and raise quality of confectionery produced, Sisterna, its manufacturer, claimed.

Sucrosilk alleviates the need to premix sucrose esters as it comes in the form of a powdered sugar, already containing the ingredient.

The ingredient also disperses easily into hot liquids, claims Sisterna.

It is designed for use in products such as hard candy, chewies, cereal bars, caramel and fondant.

The blend can be used to improve emulsification, control sugar crystallization and reduce stickiness of confectionery equipment, teeth and wrappers.

Sucrosilk replaces the need to seed sugar or fondant as the powdered sugar element of sucrosilk seeds the crystals itself, Sisterna said in a press release.

That is to say, instead of a confectionery manufacturer introducing further ingredients, they are already contained in the mix.

The ingredient can be used in confectionery at levels of 0.2 - two per cent of the total product and is able to replace other emulsifiers at a ratio of one to one, claims Sisterna.

There are two sucrosilk blends, each containing sucrose esters aimed at different types of confectionery.

Sucrosilk MP10 is intended for grained products such as chewies, fudge and fondant due to the effect on sugar crystallization.

The crystallisation process is sped up, reducing graining time, and a low average crystal size makes for long stability and soft texture.

Sucrosilk HP10 is for use in sticky confectionery such as cereal bars and caramels to stop them sticking to surfaces such as machinery.

Due to the ingredient being less sticky confectioners will not have to clean their production equipment as frequently allowing longer production runs, claim Sisterna.

In addition consumers will benefit from the new emulsifier as it reduces stickiness to teeth, the manufacturer said.

The HP10 version of sucrosilk offers emulsifying and stabilising properties preventing fat oozing from products such as fondant, hard candy, caramel and chewies, the company claims.

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