Vacuum packaging designed for cooked hams

By Ahmed ElAmin

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Cryovac has released a new vacuum packaging machine targeting
processors aiming to make inroads into the ready-to-cook
convenience market, along with two new shrink bags.

The new Cryovac VM15 is designed to pack cooked hams in aluminium forms.

The machine is designed as a single chamber semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine for Cryovac's packaging that allows meats to be cooked in the bag.

The Cryovac VM15 is suitable for traditional hams from 5 to 10 kg as well as Pullman hams over 10 kg and can achieve a packing rate of up to 3.5 cycles per minute, the company claimed.

The machine uses a bi-active sealing system with water cooling.

Operators can adjust seal bar pressure and roller conveyor height to get the best presentation while reducing bag length.

The machine also has a final cutting system, and a step-by-step vacuum sequence.

Interlocking guards, combined with a fail-safe control system, are designed for operator safety.

"The hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective while also providing easy access for maintenance," the company claimed.

The two new shrink bags, the Cryovac BB9051 and BN3050, target the dairy and meat segments.

The BB9051 is what Cryovac calls a "very high abuse bag", specifically designed for packaging heavy chunks of hard cheese or processed meats.

The high resistance, high barrier, multilayer, coextruded shrink bag reduces the leaker rate, the company claimed.

The design also improves the abuse and puncture resistance of Cryovac's BB9050 bag, the company claimed.

The tougher material also increases pack integrity due to the better sealability.

The bag also has good optics and a skin-tight shrink finish effect, for presentation, the company claimed.

"Together with BB9050, Cryovac thus offers an excellent range of high abuse products that will help resolve the packaging issues of many food processors and retailers," the company claimed.

The new BN3050 bag is designed for packaging deep frozen products.

The multilayer, coextruded shrink bag has low temperature shrink properties, and was specially developed for packaging frozen meat, poultry and game.

"This new generation of low barrier material offers enhanced performance to food processors," the company claimed.

The BN3050 replaces the thicker Cryovac BN200 film.

It is 48 microns thick compared to the BN200's 60 microns, resulting in less waste, and better overall pack appearance, especially at low shrink temperatures, Cryovac claimed.

The BN3050 also improves on sealability through creases and folds, has the same mechanical abuse resistance and clipping performance as its predecessor, while mainting the same printing quality.

"In addition, the bag generates highly transparent, glossy packs for enhanced merchandising appeal," the company claimed.

"Other benefits include a high moisture barrier and mechanical resistance even at deep-freeze temperatures."

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