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APV Baker has developed a new cost-effective system to manufacture
a range of toffee and caramel products.

APV Baker has developed a new cost-effective system to manufacture a range of toffee and caramel products. The company claims that the new line offers confectioners a rapid return on investment and an economical means of preparation.

The new plant combines APV Baker's cooking, caramelising and depositing units into a continuous automated system, at outputs up to 350kg/hour. Continuous operation ensures high consistent quality and also reduces labour requirements.

Every aspect of the production process can be controlled centrally, from the cooking and mixing of ingredients through to packaging. Recipe management software can determine the complete process, and make product changeover a rapid push-button operation with minimal waste.

The system is also highly flexible. Ingredients such as butter, fondant and a variety of flavours can be added to produce a full range of high quality traditional toffees and caramels. Products can also be made in a variety of colours and feature centre-fillings such as jam and chocolate éclair.

Cooking is carried out in a falling film swept surface evaporator, which cooks the syrup to final solids in less than ten seconds. This avoids uncontrolled caramelisation. The Microfilm rotor consists of a steam jacketed tube with a high-speed rotor, fitted with hinged blades, which wipe the inner surface of the tube.

The sugar is then spread in a very thin film and is moved through the cooking tube by a combination of gravity and the design of hinged rotor blades.

The syrup then passes to a Carablend unit where it caramelises under its own heat as it moves through an enclosed stainless steel tube. Extra ingredients and flavours can be added and blended during caramelisation.

The toffee is then deposited in rubber moulds. Remote-controlled depositing heads provide manufacturers with flexibility and rapid changeover times. APV Baker​ 's new compact plant is the latest addition to a wide range of bespoke toffee and caramel production systems.

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