JO Sims brings S.American ingredients to UK

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Growing demand for exotic flavours in food formulations guide UK
food ingredients firm JO Sims to source a wider range of tropical
fruits from South America.

The UK company said this week it has linked up with Columbian firm International Freeze Dried (IFD).

Under the agreement JO Sims will import exotic fruit ingredients like uchuva, strawberry, mango, pineapple and Andean blackberries into the UK market.

Fruit pieces, used increasingly in food products, can contribute sweetness and colour to the end brand, as well as adding mouthfeel and texture, particularly relevant for fat replacement.

In addition, fruits act as natural humectants which can extend the shelf life of many foods and contain a host of phytochemicals linked to benefits for human health.

The UK freeze-dried market is currently dominated by traditional red berries and blends such as apricot and peach but the Lincolnshire-based firm is confident consumer demand for more 'unusual tastes and flavours' is growing.

A recent report from market analysts IAL Consultants backs up the theory, suggesting exotic flavours will boost the global €5.8 billion flavours market, currently growing at about 3.3 per cent per year.

"There is considerable scope to expand the range of exotic freeze-dried fruits used in products such as cereals, desserts and bakery mixes,"JO Sims​ claimed in a statement this week.

In May last year the fruit ingredient group, that recently told berries now account for 80 per cent of its total ingredient sales, linked up with German supplier Dinter Trading to supply raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

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