'Bubble' chocolate set to take on the US market

By Anthony Fletcher

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A new aerated chocolate product is set to be unveiled at this
year's 2006 All Candy Expo in Chicago.

The product, which is being marketed as Bubble Wrap Chocolate, has been designed to offer "just the right amount of chocolate"​ in three flavours - milk, dark and coffee.

In addition, the concept of 'Bubbles wrapped in chocolate' fits with the growing consumer preference for lighter snacking.

The three varieties have also been carefully targeted. Bubbly 60 per cent Dark for example goes with the current trend towards high percentage cacao solids, offering rich bites of snappy deep dark chocolate, with smooth after-flavour resonance.

Bubbly Milk Chocolate on the other hand is made with cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass and lecithin to give just the right Bubbly combination and soft milk flavour to appeal to youngsters.

And finally Bubbly Coffee Milk Chocolate, filled with coffee, and coffee flavour, is designed for a more sophisticated taste.

The Bubble Wrap Candy company is convinced that the novelty value of the product means that it will find a suitable niche in the competitive confectionery sector.

"This bar is different, it's unlike anything else, and we believe Bubble Wrap Chocolate is a product people will have to try," said Bruce Smith, senior vice president.

He and founder Frank Drab, President/CEO, have spent hundreds of hours developing the product, from trade marking through to manufacturing, packaging and distribution. They are both confident that Bubble Wrap Chocolate is now ready to launch.

"We're having a lot of fun with this," said Smith. "We bring a fresh new look with a premium blend of chocolate and flavours that have not ever been marketed successfully in the USA."

The All Candy Expo runs from 6 to 8 June. Bubble Wrap Chocolate will be available to all classes of trade nationwide June of 2006.

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