Cryovac breaths new life into cheese packaging

By George Reynolds

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A new range of vacuum cheese packaging allows the curing process to
continue while extending product shelf life, its manufacturer

Cyovac claims its new Permeable Darfresh offers cheese processors an alternative to traditional modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) flowpack and thermoforming packaging.

Hard and semi hard cheeses, such a emmental, edam and gorgonzola release carbon dioxide during their life cycle, but require regulated oxygen to cure. The build up of carbon dioxide in packaging will impair flavour if absorbed by cheese over time, while unregulated oxygen will cause deterioration, shortening shelf life.

Cryovac claims its new Permeable Darfresh limits the entrance of oxygen while permitting carbon dioxide to escape. The process allows cheese curing to occur after packaging.

Block cheeses can then develop their natural flavour and texture, while retaining colour after packaging, the company claims.

Cryovac also claims the vacuum fit packaging provides an extended shelf life for cheeses.

Cryovac offers top and bottom webs with three different permeable levels to suit the specific cheese. Cryovac is offering the thermoformable, fully coextruded rigid films in "standard", "high profile" and "highly permeable" ranges.

The different webs are designed to run on dedicated Darfresh CD and RCD machines.

Permeable Darfresh regulated air exchange also prevents the formation of bubbles in cheeses, improving the presentation, the company claims.

The company claims the packaging is clearer, while offering consumers greater convenience by incorporating the Cryovac's Darfresh Easy Opening.

Cryovac is a subsidiary of Sealed Air and has over 3000 employees operating in countries worldwide.

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