Machine prevents marshmallow shape loss, claims Tanis

By Nilpa Shah

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Tanis' Roto MallowPlant
Tanis' Roto MallowPlant
Dutch food equipment maker, Tanis Food Tec (TFT), has launched a machine that seeks to address the problem of overheating during the aeration process, which causes the mallows to lose shape and results in inconsistent production.

The company said that the difference between the Roto MallowPlant​ extrusion machine and other standard marshmallow makers is that it has an additional cooling device integrated between the aerator and manifold extruder.

Tanis also said that the addition of the device will result in a much shorter final cooling line and therefore the equipment as a whole will take up less space in the production facility.

Consistent marshmallow shapes

Communications Manager for TFT, Marion Tanis-Kooistra told that TFT is “the first one to address this problem [of loss of shape due to overheating]​” and that “at this moment, there are no competitors that make machines of similar functionality and quality​.”

She added that the innovative solution “does not interfere with the existing marshmallow production process​.” In addition she said that the machine complies with all existing hygiene, aesthetic and maintenance standards.

TFT has its own test-facility in Lelystad, in the Netherlands, where it uses pilot machines to assess the effectiveness of new equipment. According to the company, the latest innovation produces consistent marshmallow shapes which remain “100% round instead of flowing out into an egg-shape​.”

Although Tanis-Kooistra could not reveal the exact cost of the equipment, she said that the price would depend on desired production quantities.

Less space required

Tanis-Kooistra explained that the machine has another advantage in that it requires less space in a production facility as there is “a considerable shortening​” of the final cooling line. She added that the new dimensions of the machine would be approximately 10x4 metres compared to the older model which measured 25x4 metres.

Other advantages are that the new machine is more “cost-effective​” because the consistency of the marshmallow shape will reduce wastage, “saving on ingredient cost​” and increasing profitability.

According to Tanis-Kooistra, potential difficulties in installing the machine would be the need for co-ordination between suppliers if the machine is being installed in a new factory, or the need to adapt the design fit into an existing line. However, she said that Tanis is able to make “made-to-measure adjustments based on information from the customer​” and is also able to manage the installation process.

Tanis-Kooistra revealed that the first commercial machine is currently in the process of being built for a customer in the Middle East where she said that marshmallow products are “gaining in popularity​.” She added that they are also “hugely in demand in markets like Asia and the US​.”

The machine will be exhibited at the ProSweets confectionery fair in Cologne next year.

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I'm interested in your marshmallow machinery.I am just starting off in this business,so I am looking for something cost a smaller version of the TFT.Does this machinery have a mixer,and in terms of production,how much it produce,and it what space of time.
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