Tsudis Chocolate faces $87,000 fine for hand crushing incident

Tsudis Chocolate faces $87,000 fine for hand crushing incident

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Pittsburgh-based confectioner Tsudis Chocolate is facing a $87,260 fine after multiple failures led to an employee’s hand being crushed in a machine.

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited the company for 19 alleged safety violations.

A Tsudis employee’s right hand and wrist was crushed after a machine inadvertently activated while he set it up.

"Tsudis Chocolate could have prevented this unfortunate incident by having the proper hazardous energy controls in place,"​ said Christopher Robinson, director of the OSHA Pittsburgh Area Office.

Tsudis had failed to properly guard points of operation on the machinery, provide appropriate electrical protective equipment, and ensure that containers were labeled, tagged or marked with the identification of the hazardous chemicals.

The company was cited for similar failures back in 2011.

Other failures included lack of employee training and failing to ensure electrical equipment was not located in wet or damp locations

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