Salmonella in chocolate concern spreads across EU

By Joseph James Whitworth

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Dr Schär's Twin Bar is involved in the recall
Dr Schär's Twin Bar is involved in the recall

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At least 14 countries and numerous brands have been affected by possible Salmonella in chocolate products.

The RASFF portal said a chocolate wafer from the Netherlands and distributed to Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK was found to contain the pathogen​.   

Consenza, Atkins, Dr Schär, Damhert Nutrition, Valeo Foods and Bakers Delight have all recalled certain products in one or more countries.

NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) told us that chocolate products were produced in the country and production has been temporarily shut down.

The agency said it was in 'close contact' with the company about the recall and the analysis of what caused the problem.  

Bars were sold under different labels – including for supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and IKA. There are no reports of illnesses.

Netherlands notice

consenza atkins choc
Consenza and Atkins Netherlands recall

In the Netherlands, Consenza Gluten Free Crispy Chocolate Wafers and Atkins Chocolate Break have been recalled. The firms said there had been a production error which led to the problem.

Consenza Gluten Free Crispy Chocolate Wafers with expiration date: 31-5-2016 Lot number: 5146 and Atkins Chocolate Break with expiration date: 27-8-16 lot number: 5147 and 28-8-16 lot number: 5148 are affected.  

NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit) also reported Dr Schär recalled its own brand Schär Twin Bar after it was informed by a supplier of the possible presence of Salmonella.

Expiration dates 22-5-16, 26-5-16 and 8-7-16 (EAN Code 8008698010235) are affected.
EU agencies announce affected products

AFSCA (the Agence fédérale pour la sécurité de la chaîne alimentaire) in Belgium said chocolate bars "Taste-it", "Twin Bar" and "Chocolate Break" from the brands "Damhert nutrition”, "Schär" and "Atkins" were affected.

damhert nutrition AFSCA
Damhert Nutrition has issued a recall in Belgium

Damhert Nutrition’s “Taste-It” bar has a date of 31-7-16 for lot codes 5146 and 2141 and 31-9-16 for lot code 5196.

Schär’s “Twin Bar” with dates 22-4-16 (lot 5142), 26-4-16 (lot 5146), 22-5-16 (lot 1542) and 26-5-16 (all lots) are affected.

Atkins “Chocolate Break” with dates 27-8-16 (lot 5147) and 28-8-16 (lot 5148) are affected.

The chocolate bars were sold in Belgium by various retailers.

In Germany, Schär’s “Twin Bar with best before dates: 22-5-16; 26-5-16; 8-7-16; 9-7-16 and lot codes 5142; 5146; 5189: 5190 are involved.

Authorities in Luxembourg said Schär-branded gluten free chocolate was withdrawn from sale in various shops but distribution is still being verified and it is known some bars were sold.

Grocery chain ICA in Sweden withdrew its gluten-free chocolate biscuits after Salmonella was detected in the supplier's own sampling.

The products are 3x21.5g and all expiration dates are withdrawn as a precautionary measure.

They may have been sold throughout the country from 10-7-15.

Trading company Arvid Nordquist has also recalled Schär Twin Bar 3 pack (3x21.5g), lot number 47270, EAN 800 869 801 0235 with best before date 22-5-16 and 8-7-16.

In Norway, importer Norgesmøllene recalled Schär Twin Bar with the best before date 22-5-16 (batch No. 5142) and 26-5-16 (batch No. 5146)

It was sold in supermarkets Rema 1000, ICA and Norgesgruppen stores and 2,000 packages are affected.

Tesco, Asda Bakers Delightand Valeo recalls

In the UK, Tesco has recalled its 'Tesco Free From 5 Belgium Chocolate Wafer' due to possible presence of Salmonella. All date codes of the 107g product are affected.

Tesco said it was made aware that some of its Free From Belgium Chocolate Wafers may have low levels of Salmonella.

"Whilst we have no confirmed reports that Tesco products have been contaminated, as a precautionary measure, we are recalling the product​," said the supermarket.

Amandeep Dhillon, partner at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, said Tesco was right to take swift action in removing the item from the supermarket.
“It’s vital that every possible step is taken to protect consumers who may have purchased the product,” ​he said.

atkins endulge FSA
Atkins International UK recall

“Salmonella can lead to people being hospitalised and we have seen through our work on behalf of victims that severe gastric symptoms such as diarrhoea, sickness and stomach cramps can cause long lasting health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome.
“The focus now must be on fully investigating this incident to see what can be done to prevent any similar issues arising again.”

Atkins International is recalling packs of its Endulge Chocolate Break Wafers because of the possible presence of salmonella.

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break 3 wafers x 21.5g have a best before date of 27-8-16 and batch number 5147.

“We have been made aware that some Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break bars may potentially have low levels of Salmonella present. As a precautionary measure we are recalling the product.”

The potentially affected batch is sold in Tesco stores in the UK.

Valeo Foods recalled packs of its Kelkin Milk Chocolate Break Wafers ‘free from’ Gluten because of Salmonella.

The potentially affected batch is sold in Sainsbury's stores with best before date 1-2-16.

Bakers Delight has recalled all dates of its ‘free from’ Enjoy Gluten Free Wafer Fingers, which are sold in Waitrose stores in the UK.

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