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Applied DNA Sciences molecular tags make sure products are 'what they claim to be'

By Jenny Eagle

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Applied DNA Sciences can now print its SigNature molecular tag on products, in partnership with Videojet Technologies. Photo: Applied DNA Sciences.
Applied DNA Sciences can now print its SigNature molecular tag on products, in partnership with Videojet Technologies. Photo: Applied DNA Sciences.

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Are terms like “pure vanilla,” “extra virgin olive oil,” or “Made in France” claims that consumers can trust?

According to Applied DNA Sciences, molecular tagging of each product can make sure products are what they claim to be and can trace them along their intended supply chain. 

SigNature molecular tags

The company, based in New York, recently partnered with Videojet Technologies on its SigNature molecular ink to be “printed” with the Videojet 1860M printer. 

Janice Meraglia, VP, government and military programs, Applied DNA Sciences, will also be speaking at this year’s Active & Intelligent Packaging Summit Americas on June 4 & 5 at the Westin Hotel, Jersey City, US. 

In her speech, Molecular Tagging of Packages as the Foundation for Authentication Solutions​ 11:30am-12:00pm June 4, Meraglia will talk about the Videojet Technologies partnership and its proprietary SigNature molecular tags, which work with a platform called CertainT.  

Applied DNA Sciences differentiates itself in the way it can offer a layered approach of tagging a product in addition to the package​,” said Meraglia.  

Molecular tags can be embedded into raw materials or applied to the surface of almost any object. Each custom molecular tag is formulated specifically to adhere tenaciously and is optimized to support multiple authentications throughout the supply chain​. 

This shared offering allows brand owners to transform their variable codes into the foundation of a comprehensive and proactive traceability program​. 

The molecular tags can be recovered and tested at any point along a distribution chain with in-field equipment or at Applied DNA’s laboratories​. 

Tag, test, track

All activity can be traced and stored in a secure, blockchain compatible database providing proof of product claims, such as authenticity and provenance​.” 

With Videojet Technologies, approved customers can have one or several SigNature molecular tags created to identify a manufacturing location with a corresponding continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer programmed to only accept that tagged ink cartridge.   

CertainT (pronounced “certainty”) is the trifold platform that represents the full spectrum of capabilities. It comprises three elements: tag, test and track. 

The SigNature molecular tags are present in the CIJ-printed codes to provide traceability, transparency and trust in supply chains. 

Each molecular tag is created as a unique sequence and added to a Videojet ink designed to adhere to the substrate after printing​,” added Meraglia. 

Molecular tags are designed to be robust, safe and inert, and have no impact on the performance of the ink​.  

As for testing, this activity can be performed in-field at multiple points along the supply chain using a mobile SigNify molecular tag reader​. 

After a CIJ code is swabbed and the sample prepped, authentication results can be retrieved in as little as 35 to 45 minutes​.” 

SigNature® Molecular Ink from Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. on Vimeo.

In addition to in-field testing, lab services consisting of forensic-level authentication analysis and reporting is available for all samples submitted to Applied DNA’s ISO 17025-certified forensic laboratory in New York.  

For tracking, the system can gather data to support product claims of authenticity, origin and provenance. The CertainT cloud-based portal can be configured along with VideojetConnect Remote Services to customers’ needs and allows for easy access to key data and customized reports​,” said Meraglia.    

Bayer Packaging Challenge

Applied DNA’s forensic-based CertainT platform ensures quality expectations are met, brand claims are substantiated and brand liability and risk are mitigated.​  

By using Applied DNA’s platform, manufacturers, brand owners and consumers alike can be assured that the vanilla that is marked “pure” is pure vanilla, the olive oil marked “extra virgin” is EVOL and the products marked “Made in France” were actually made in France​."

Meraglia is also taking part in AIPIA’s Bayer Packaging Innovation Challenge 12:05pm-1:30pm on Tuesday June 5, organized by Bayer Consumer Health. 

Guests will be invited to present ideas that incorporate all types of Active and Intelligent packaging formats and technologies that can be applied across the company’s portfolio of US consumer brands.

Bayer’s consumer health portfolio includes allergy, analgesics, cardiovascular risk prevention, cough & cold, dermatology, foot care, digestive health, dietary supplements and sun care. Its US product portfolio includes Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Aspirin, Claritin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholl’s, MiraLAX and One-A-Day.

Bayer wants to use smart packaging to enhance the consumer experience by creating a strong emotional and functional bond with consumers; managing clinical study operations more efficiently; and holistically managing product supply chains.  

Pitches will show evidence of consumer engagement and interaction; interaction with smartphones, specifically Printed Electronics and NFC tagging; and increased functionality to appeal to consumers, young and old.

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