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Dohler shines at FiE 2019 with its natural colors solutions and coating systems

By Susanne Lang

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Doehler showcased a range of food and confectionery natural colours and coating systems at this year's FiE in Paris. Pic: Doehler
Doehler showcased a range of food and confectionery natural colours and coating systems at this year's FiE in Paris. Pic: Doehler

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German manufacturer offers natural colours and coating systems to give confectionery products eye-grabbing appeal.

Earlier this month at FiE in Paris, the world's largest gathering of ingredient buyers and decision makers in the food industry, the German company Doehler presented a variety of product concepts and natural ingredients that it says create ‘unique multi-sensory experiences’.

Its coloring ‘malt extract’, for example, can be used as an alternative to caramel coloring and is characterized by a neutral taste and high colour stability.

According to the company, the brown color is suited for all product categories, whether alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bake goods and confectionery or dairy products. It also offers authentic color solutions such as deep red from beetroot or radiant yellow from safflower.

Doehler, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Included in its confectionery processing equipment portfolio is a coating system for sugar dragées and chocolates, where edible film formers are applied to the surface with polishes made from, among other things, gum arabic, glucose syrup or starches in combination with a sealing agent like a shellac solution.

Minimal quantities of so-called Chocolate Polishes & Confectioners Glazes are needed to create a great and long-lasting shine​,” Diana Weber, marketing manager of Doehler, said.

These polishes and glazes can also be combined with the wide range of natural flavors. As Weber said, “natural and authentic taste are characteristics that modern consumers expect today.

The trend towards naturalness, functionality and extraordinary product appearances has also made its way to the confectionery industry,​“ Weber said.

To meet the growing consumer demand, the company has developed a range of fruit gums with valuable ingredients, such as proteins or botanical extracts which provide a healthy additional benefit.

At FIE 2019 the company also showcased its anti-sticking agents for fruit gums based on natural waxes and for extruded liquorice products, which prevent the confectionery from sticking together.

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