#NotAvailableInTheMetaverse - Magnum Ice Cream’s new campaign blurs the reality boundary

By Anthony Myers

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#NotAvailableInTheMetaverse. Pic: Magnum Ice cream
#NotAvailableInTheMetaverse. Pic: Magnum Ice cream

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Magnum ice cream is going back to the future with its latest marketing campaign that aims to show the world that, while the virtual world has its own appeal, .nothing quite compares to the joys of the real world..

The #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse centre point of the launch - which was revealed to the world by influencer partners - is a beautiful short film created by Lola MullenLowe. The film featuring virtual avatar Luna and her journey to escape the metaverse in pursuit of the real-life pleasure of a Magnum Ice Cream. However, despite her efforts, she is unable to ever truly experience this, as some pleasures (such as biting into a Magnum covered in premium Belgian Chocolate) are only available to Pleasure Seekers in the real world.

The film is a cinematic celebration of pleasure and was created in partnership with creative studio Bacon-X. It is available to watch here​.

The full film was showcased last month at Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland. A virtual showcase of pioneering new technology and creativity, which generated billions of impressions on a global scale and providing Magnum with the perfect platform on which to celebrate the launch of the #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse film.

A Magnum spokesperson said The #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse creative supports the brand’s belief that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them pleasure, whether this be in the real or virtual world – resulting in a fully integrated campaign across earned media, paid digital, paid and organic social and influencer channels.

Following extensive research among young people and the difficulties they face in setting boundaries between their on and offline lives, Magnum has taken steps to support them in establishing this elusive balance between the real and virtual world. This includes partnering with mental wellbeing neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis to release the Magnum Pleasure Guide - a tool and source of advice to support humanity in living our most pleasurable life, whether that be virtually or physically.

In a true 360 effort, Magnum has gone directly to Pleasure Seekers in the metaverse by launching its first wearable gadget – virtual VR goggles. Upon selecting the goggles for their avatar, Pleasure Seekers are then encouraged to step away from their screens for 10 minutes and indulge in real life Magnum pleasure that can only be enjoyed in the real world. This has been supported with discount codes and delivery platform integration in the Netherlands.

Speaking about the campaign, Sara Paixao, Global Magnum Digital Brand Manager, said, “As a brand, we stand for pleasure, and the reason we stand for pleasure to begin with is because of the unique indulgent experience of biting into a Magnum Ice Cream. We believe pleasure can be found in both the offline and the online worlds. However, the pleasure of eating an ice cream is not, yet, available in the virtual world. So, in the meantime, while Magnum is not available in the metaverse, we wanted to encourage everyone to take some time offline and experience the real-life pleasure of indulging in a Magnum. That’s why we have created Magnum virtual goggles, that when used, lead to a discount on Magnum in the moment, in the real world​.”

The globally activated campaign has a strong social leaning with a number of carefully planned activations in order to create reach and impact for the campaign. Magnum has partnered with carefully selected virtual influencers to highlight key messages and show the world that some pleasures can only be experienced in real life. The influencers posted images of themselves wearing the VR goggles on their social channels, explaining how they wish they could escape the metaverse to experience some of life’s real pleasures.

While these virtual influencers can never experience eating a Magnum ice cream, Pleasure Seekers across the world can! It is through this that Magnum is encouraging them to find the balance between the virtual and physical, and to indulge in what brings them true pleasure across both realities.

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