‘Prime makes drinks, not foods’: Fake branded chocolate bars spark food safety warning

By Flora Southey

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Fake branded Prime chocolate bars have been identified in the UK. Image source: Food Standards Agency
Fake branded Prime chocolate bars have been identified in the UK. Image source: Food Standards Agency

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The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning after fake chocolate bars branded ‘Prime’ and ‘Wonka Bars’ were identified on the UK market.

Consumers should be wary of fake chocolate branded either ‘Wonka Bars’ or ‘Prime’, according to the UK’s Food Standards Agency, who raised the alarm after inauthentic products were identified.

The reason? Fake branded chocolate bars may be unsafe to eat. Since there is a possibility they are made or repackaged by unregistered businesses or criminals, food safety practices – including following hygiene, labelling, and traceability procedures – may not have been adhered to.

“Don’t waste your money on fake branded chocolate…You won’t be getting what you think you are paying for and you don’t know what’s in them,” stressed Tina Potter, head of incidents at the FSA. “There could be a food safety risk, especially for those with food intolerances or allergies.”

So how can consumers know they’re purchasing authentic chocolate bars, rather than their fake counterparts? Firstly, the FSA advises consumers buy from a reputable seller. If in doubt, consumers can ask the vendor for more information about what they’re buying, and if still in doubt, leave it on the shelf.

The warning comes around 18 months after food authorities across Great Britain and Ireland identified fake Wonka chocolate bars on the market. The Wonka brand is owned by Ferrero, who at the time said unless the Wonka-branded chocolate features the official ‘Ferrero’ or ‘Ferrara Candy Company’ trademarks on the label it is likely a counterfeit product and unsafe to eat​.

Spotting fake Prime-branded chocolate bars will likely be easier. The beverage brand, owned by influencers Logal Paul and Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji’, makes drinks and have not manufactured any Prime-branded foods. If consumers see Prime-branded foods on-shelf, they are fake and may be unsafe to consume.

The FSA has advised local authorities responsible for investigating and enforcing food law to be ‘extra vigilant’ and remove any fake products from sale. The food safety agency is also working with Trading Standards to protect consumers against the fake chocolates.

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