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The Power of One: A multi-dimensional experience that elevates the enjoyment of gums and jellies

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The kitchen is an essential component of the manufacturing process and a crucial starting point for production lines. 

A well-functioning kitchen can significantly determine the quality of the candy. Even slight deviations in recipes and temperature can impact the quality of the end product. Think of common errors in gummy candy, like cloudiness due to air incorporation in the cooking process. Other common errors are dark gummies, black spots in the candy, undissolved powder and bubbles in the end product.

The experts at Tanis not only provide the best equipment to blend and cook all ingredients into a homogeneous mass but also guide you through recipe and process optimization at the Tanis Innovation Center in the Netherlands.

Tanis was founded in 1995 by brothers Leo and Rene Tanis, who had amassed over two decades of experience in confectionery craftsmanship while working for a kitchen equipment manufacturer, partly owned by their father. Initially, Tanis concentrated its efforts on providing kitchen processing equipment tailored for a wide array of confections, spanning from hard candy to chews, bars, and nougat.

In 2014, Tanis expanded its equipment portfolio to encompass complete production lines, with a specialized focus on optimizing equipment for the efficient production of gums and jellies. It merges the rich heritage of traditional confectionery craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, delivering innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of candy manufacturers.

With a single common goal and an integrated total solution, the Tanis team creates long-lasting relationships and efficiently produces candy by integrating four production stages of gummy and jelly candy into one solution. As a family business, Tanis understands the importance of involvement and loyalty. These values run deep in the company, and Tanis believes that by working together towards a common goal, great things can be accomplished.

Where things start boiling

Despite the focus on gummy and jelly equipment, the development of high-end kitchen equipment for the entire candy market is deeply ingrained in the company. At Tanis, the importance of quality kitchen equipment is deeply understood and its expertise in this domain is vast.

This legacy drives Tanis to continue delivering top-tier kitchen skids to its global clientele, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Tanis is renowned for its excellence in kitchen equipment for various types of candy, ranging from hard candy to creams and fondants, and from caramels to chewy candy.

Depositing in all shapes and sizes

Within a complete production line for gums and jellies, it is the molding line that largely determines the capacity. Efficiency is therefore essential in this component. By integrating this as part of the total production line, Tanis ensures a streamlined connection to the kitchen skids and the conditioning phase. Tanis has years of experience in the field of systems with Gantry and Robotic solutions, both for starch and starchless lines.

Moreover, the depositor or mogul is the place within the production process where variation in shape is created. When we look at gums and jellies, there are various innovative shapes to make, each with its own charm and character. One of the notable depositing techniques is the Side by Side method, which allows for the creation of fruit-shaped candies with vivid colors, providing both visual appeal and taste sensation. Incorporate multiple colors into one gummy for the most stunning results that will stand out on the store shelf; imagine a bag of tropical fruit candy with lifelike color combinations in each candy or appealing animals with eye catching prints.

Another innovation is the Center-In-Shell depositing approach, where two distinct flavors or textures are combined within a single gummy, offering consumers a delightful surprise with every bite. Imagine a gummy with an amazing shape and texture filled with a center which bursts in your mouth. Adding another dimension to your gummy candy with visual appealing and mouth-watering taste.

Additionally, Tanis offers techniques like double layers and aerated gummies, providing a multi-dimensional experience that elevates the enjoyment of gums and jellies. Combine the bite of the gummy layer with the fluffiness of the aerated part – like the frogs with the white belly and green upper side, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this tasteful combination of traditional and aerated gummy mass. Tanis is at the forefront of this, having already achieved many fantastic results by applying this technique to both gelatin and pectin gummies for its customers worldwide.


There are plenty of variations, but to ensure that the molding line is as flexible as possible, Tanis equipment offers the possibility of quick changes of moldboards and nozzle plates. This guarantees minimal downtime during a product changeover and keeps your production line versatile.

Tanis' molding and demolding equipment comes in various capacities, catering to startups as well as seasoned candy producers. Demolding for starch production lines is done efficiently, minimizing starch loss. Demolding in starchless production processes can be achieved using air pressure or, on an industrial scale, through innovative vacuum demolding.

Keep your cool, opt for sustainable conditioning

It is essential, of course, to bring the candy into a marketable form as quickly as possible. This is where the Tanis conditioning rooms come into play; here, moisture and temperature are efficiently extracted. Innovation and development in this phase have led to new insights in recent years. For instance, Tanis can now dry the starch in the conditioning rooms for higher efficiency and significant energy savings. They can also be deployed in a way that ensures there is always an appropriate solution for the desired capacity, whether through manual infeed, a track system, or even in combination with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Let your candy stand out from the crowd

Eye-catching candies create high attraction. Part of this can be achieved by applying a specific finish, such as a sugar coating or a beautiful shine. But there are more possibilities; consider, for example, the increasingly popular sour finish or even a layer of mini candies surrounding your gummy or jelly candy. In the end, it's all about perfecting the finishing touches with your equipment to achieve the desired results; this is where bestsellers are born.

Looking beyond the equipment

Tanis believes in the power of One. Choosing one supplier for all of your equipment has only benefits, but the Dutch equipment manufacturer doesn't stop there. In the preliminary phase, the food technologists guide you through the development of your new product in terms of recipe and process.

Moreover, Tanis recognizes the importance of sustainability and supports confectioners in minimizing their environmental impact. By implementing innovative techniques on new production lines and assisting with equipment conversions, Tanis ensures that the joy of indulgence can be enjoyed responsibly.

The Tanis Support Team helps you with revisions and retrofits to improve efficiency and even lets you manufacture new types of gummy candy. But the team also offers the opportunity to make upgrades to operate more sustainably with energy, water, and candy mass. Tanis is happy to assist you in preparing your existing production line for the years to come. It also has its own academy where training sessions are offered to enable your people to operate at the highest level. That's how family takes care of each other.

One goal, One solution, One family.

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