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From bean to bar – Bühler technology and services for the cocoa and chocolate industry.

Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant equipment and related services for processing basic foods. The Group is a global market leader in the supply of solutions for cocoa and chocolate as well as for pasta, breakfast cereals and flour products.

The Chocolate & Cocoa business unit – process solutions that melt on your tongue

Bühler believes in the future of the cocoa and chocolate market and is committed to the continuous development of innovative technologies. The company is a complete product and service provider to the industry and covers every process stage with state-of-the-art production systems. For example, Bühler’s proprietary process NARS (Nibs-Alkalizing-Roasting-Sterilizing) is one of the world’s leading processing technologies for cocoa. With this and other solutions for cocoa production, Bühler provides energy efficient processes with maximum raw material yield and top product quality.

In order to meet specific requirements in chocolate production, Bühler developed the two-stage refining process and conche systems, which set the standards for quality in commercial chocolate production. However, even the finest chocolate specialty will not attain a level of perfection before it has been moulded. Here, too, Bühler is constantly setting new standards with innovative seed pre-crystallization, optimal depositing processes and trend-setting shell forming technology.

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