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 Action on Sugar calls to extend UK sugar tax to confectionery ©iStock/karandaev

Chocolate and candy tax proposed in the UK

By Oliver Nieburg

Pressure group Action on Sugar is urging the UK government to expand a sugar tax on soft drinks to chocolate and sweet confectionery – a move seen as “punitive” and "discriminatory” by industry bodies.

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The big debate: Can sugar survive a public health crisis?

By Niamh Michail

The world is getting fatter and unhealthier - are smaller portions and diet drinks really going to help when they sit next to full-sugar, supersized products? Is it time to tax or is industry doing enough? Catch the highlights from our live debate.

Sugar taxes: A case of pop policy and comic consultation

By J T Winkler, emeritus professor of nutrition policy, London Metropolitan University

The UK's sugar tax was little more than populist light relief to brighten a speech full of economic doom and gloom. But what's worse, argues Professor Jack Winkler, is that the government's 'pseudo-consultation' about the tax is...

T&L CEO Javed Ahmed: “The difference in the business today is if the US had anaemic growth we would not have been able to address that.”

Tate & Lyle meeting profit targets despite 4% US soft drink slide


Tate & Lyle CEO Javed Ahmed says earning and profit forecasts are intact – “mid single digit growth” – despite an unseasonably cold spring that has contributed to an annual drop of 4% in the US soft drinks market and hit its specialty and bulk sweeteners...

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Bravo! The beverage industry has responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Obama’s campaign to tackle childhood obesity - but there’d better be more than froth behind that sparkling rhetoric.

Soda tax: A lot of froth over freedom

Soda tax: A lot of froth over freedom

Is taxing soda really an evil plan to curb your individual freedom? Conspiracy theories aside, perhaps it’s simply a sensible scheme to tackle obesity when personal choice has failed.

Sweetener settlement for ADM

Sweetener settlement for ADM

Ingredients supplier Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) said on Thursday
that it had reached a $400 million (€333m) settlement in an
anti-trust case that claimed the US firm conspired to fix the price
of the food sweetener high fructose...

Teens need a calcium boost

Teens need a calcium boost

New research appears to absolve the soft drinks industry from
responsibility for the low calcium intake among US adolescents but
it suggests that creative and effective ways of increasing levels
of the mineral, such as through fortified...