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Europe's cocoa grind below expectations. Photo credit: Happy Days Photos and Art

European cocoa grind decline ‘disappointing’

By Oliver Nieburg

The amount of cocoa processed in Europe dropped 1% in the second quarter falling below traders’ expectations, but it's too soon to tell if chocolate demand is sliding.

Blue Diamond said growers weren't sure why the almonds were smaller this year, but said almond size varied according to historic patterns

This year’s almonds ‘smallest in 40 years’


This year’s almond crop has produced the smallest almonds in 40 years, meaning potential problems for food manufacturers that rely on a particular size of whole or sliced almond, according to Blue Diamond Growers.

Leonardo Bichara Rocha, senior economist at the International Sugar Organization

ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Sugar outlook positive despite impending EU quota extension - ISO

By Oliver Nieburg

The International Sugar Organization (ISO) has said that even if the EU extends sugar quotas to 2020 it will have little negative impact on the world sugar market as stocks are at a surplus and a bumper crop is due from Brazil.

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