Trans Fatty Acids

Cream fillings with palm oil need lower cooling temperatures, says SPX

Rethinking sandwich cream processing after trans fat removal

By Oliver Nieburg

Manufacturers must rethink production of sandwich creams for bakery fillings and biscuits after a trend to remove trans fatty acids and reduce saturated fatty acids has affected the consistency of the final product, according to equipment firm SPX.

Trans Fats: A Farewell to Harm

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Trans Fats: A Farewell to Harm

There's no way but out for heart-damaging trans fatty acids, and
procrastinators in the food industry will achieve nothing by
delaying reformulation other than lagging behind in the game as the
rest of the world waves goodbye.

Trans fats on the way out?

Trans fats on the way out?

Last year Denmark became the first country in the world to ban
trans fats from food products over fears these hydrogenated fats
could contribute to heart disease. While the EU has yet to reach a
position on the labelling of these...


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