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This week's product launches from Mintel's GNPD is a selection of
premium biscuits debuting across the region.

Danone has a number of biscuit launches in the region at the moment, the first being from its Lu division. Launched under the E Wedel brand in Poland is a product line extension for Delicje Biscuits. The line is being extended with the addition of two varieties, Szampanskie O Samku Jagowowym are biscuits topped with blueberry jam and white chocolate, whilst the Morelow W Czekoladzie is topped with apricots and fine chocolate. Coming in 136 gram pack sizes the biscuits are wrapped in a metallised flexible film and retail for €0.51.

Danone is also launching Zlate Pomonacene Biscuits which is a new product line from the Opavia company which is being launched in the Czech Republic. They are chocolate flavoured biscuits with a thick dark chocolate coating. The 80 gram package uses a gravure technique to give the packaging a glossy look, emphasising the biscuits premium market target. The biscuit was launched on the market last month with a retail price of €0.30.

Danone's Opavia is also launching the Gyori Edes Jo Reggelt Muzlivel biscuits on to the Hungarian market. Using the same type of packaging as the Zlate Pomaneacene biscuits, the product is a crunchy cereal biscuit that contrains real fruit and mueseli. An entirely new product launch for this market, the biscuits come in a 50 gram package size and retails for €0.25.

In Russia the Bolshevik company is launching Prichuda Chocolate Filled Wafers. The brand new range also includes a cream filled wafer version. The manufacturers are marketing the biscuits as being free from preservatives, colours and flavours, which has now been launched in 85 gram packages that retail at €0.26.

Also in Russia the Baker company has launched its Chocolate Prince Blueberry Pastry biscuits. Packaged in boarded card of 230 grams in size the product is expected to retail at around €1.05. The product itself is a chocolate covered pastry bar, with layers of blueberry filling. There is also a nut variety available. The company says that the product will be aimed at children in the 5 to 12 age group.

The biscuit market in eastern Europe has continued to show strong growth in recent year, with leading player Danone increasing its number one position. In 2000 its production in the region represented 9 per cent total international total, and about 6 per cent of the total value. These figures reflect the relatively small size of the industry in international terms, but also emphasise the scope the market offers as incomes in the region continue to rise. However the value of sales shows how price sensitivity is still an issue that often pins down profit margins.

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