Herbaland introduces functional gummies line with direct depositing

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Herbaland launches new functional gummies line

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Canada-based supplement firm Herbaland is launching a new Pure gummy product line, which it says is the first to use direct depositing rather than starch molds during processing.

The new Pure gummy line includes eight products that contain multiple actives to address specific functions such as cognition and joint health. They contain no artificial flavors or GMOs.

Direct depositing production

Herbaland’s account manager, John Bentley said his company uses a direct depositing production technique, instead of the traditional starch molding method, which reuses (usually GMO) starch for long periods of time, thus making it difficult to control the sanitation level.

“We have had many visits from seasoned industry professionals who refuse to ever eat gummies made on a starch molding line because they know how often it’s changed, we sterilize our molds between every batch,”​ Bentley said.

The depositing production technique allows the gummy mixture to be deposited directly into sterile stainless steel die, according to Bentley, and it requires much less oil and wax because there is no dusty starch sticking to them.

“We are the only gummy supplement manufacturer to our knowledge to use this technique which is particularly appreciated by people with experience working on gummy production lines,”​ he said.

Lower price point

Bentley said the Pure line had a suggested retail price around CAD $10 lower than the usual market price. Pure will retail for between CAD $10-20 while ​competitors sell similar products for over CAD$30 in mass market, he said.

The Canada-based company is currently in discussion with retailers to stock the products, Bentley said.

“We are in discussion with several retailers and expect them to be available in multiple sales channels this year, including mass market."

Increasing domestic and international market

Herbaland refused to give away the company’s market share, because the majority of the business is private label.

However, sales manager, Aisha Yang said: “Our finished products sales have been growing rapidly. We have a very significant market share in several Middle Eastern and East Asian countries.”

Within the last two years, Herbaland manufactured and exported more than five million bottles of gummie vitamins to 25 countries, according to Yang. This year, the export markets will be increased to 30 countries.

around 85% of the company’s revenue comesfrom overseas exports, according to Yang. The export markets are primarily in the Middle East and East Asia, but the company will continue to expand its business to the mass markets and chain stores in the US and Western Europe.

Domestically, the market share is increasing steadily, Bentley added.

“We are distributed locally by Christmas Naturals and in many local retailers, and recently achieved a distribution agreement with Purity Life the largest distributor of natural health products in Canada,” ​he said.

In 2015, Herbaland’s sales grew by 110%, and it targets over 180% sales growth this year, Bentley said.

Supplemented confectionery market and business outlook

Bentley said the supplemented confectionery market is currently dominated by capsules and tablets.

“Consumers are demanding for more organic, ethical, sustainable, non-GMO/IP sources, with options, such as vegan-friendly, sugar-free and with constantly decreasing packaging,”​ he added.

Several of the products in the new Pure gummy line, according to the CEO of Herbaland, Musharaf Syed, will feature all-natural sugar-free formula, including Sport, Pure and FVF.

In addition, Syed said the company is also acquiring a freestanding building that will have two gummy production lines with the dual formula, texture capability and flexible green packaging options, which is expected to be operational this April.

“We will be exhibiting at least two trade shows Expo West and Supply Side West, and continuing to increase our marketing efforts and social media campaigns,”​ Syed said.

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