Sustainable chewing gum brand Milliways pops the growth bubble

By Anthony Myers

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Milliways was established in the UK as an alternative to traditional gum. Pic: Milliways
Milliways was established in the UK as an alternative to traditional gum. Pic: Milliways
With claims to be the UK’s biggest plastic-free, plant-based chewing gum brand, Milliways outpaced the growth of the chewing gum category by 43 times, according to new IRI data after significant investment in product innovation and a public awareness campaign.

In the past 12 months, the broader chewing gum category grew 12.3% to over £311m across Major Multiples and IRI outlets in the UK, including plastic-based brands. At the same time, Milliways’ sustainable alternative outpaced this growth, seeing an uptick in sales of 539% across the same period.

This upward trajectory has seen Milliways grow to almost four times the size of the nearest sustainable chewing gum brand. The firm has invested in expanding its retail footprint, innovating its product offering, and investing in bold marketing and communications to educate consumers.

Tom Raviv, CEO and Founder of Milliways, said: “We’re pleased to see the growing awareness and demand from consumers for plastic-free gum. Our mission is to continue disrupting and shaping the future of the industry.

“We are constantly innovating across our product range while increasing our retail footprint to ensure that we can easily deliver our customers a high-quality and great tasting gum that also happens to be free from plastics and other artificial ingredients.” 

Milliways was established three years ago with its plant-based recipe to disrupt the artificial ingredients in big-brand gum. It is now the third largest and fastest growing gum brand in the UK and the best-selling plastic-free gum brand. Its successful expansion and rapid growth align with the public’s growing awareness of single-use plastic and microplastics and a desire for sugar-free, aspartame-free, better-for-you, and better-for-the-planet alternatives.

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