Palatinit GmbH

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Palatinit GmbH is one of the fastest growing members of the SüDZUCKER Group - the world's largest sugar producer.


Our products and knowledgePalsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers and stabilizers for bakery, confectionery, dairy, fine foods and sauces, ice cream and margarine. Palsgaard has a thorough, international knowledge of the sector and...


Emulsifiers for chocolate and confectionery A ton of chocolate will only typically require 4 to 5 kilos of emulsifier. And, like perfume, a small amount of the right quantities will go a very long way.By letting you take control of each step of the production...

Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte)

Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte) is a specialist fruit inclusions manufacturer. We offer a range of high fruit content granulates, shapes and pastes that feature low water activity, bake stability and unique formulation design that can be customised...

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