UK-made seaside treat on rocky ground from 'cheap' imports posing as locally produced goods. Credit: Stanton & Novelty


British rock candy faces extinction

By Bethan Grylls

Ten Blackpool-based confectionery manufacturers have come together to urge UK Government to grant rock origin protection status after ‘cheap, imitation imports’ place their businesses at risk.

Hart has decided to leave Thorntons at the end of its financial year

Thorntons boss to stand down

By Laurence Gibbons

Thorntons ceo Jonathan Hart will stand down from his role at the end of the chocolate manufacturer’s financial year on June 27 2015.

Thorntons's results have given it something to smile about

Thorntons sees strong commercial and export growth

By Rod Addy

Thorntons chief executive Jonathan Hart expects further growth from supermarket sales in the coming year, he told, after the company posted strong fourth quarter growth in the division including that area.

Glisten off to a good start

Glisten off to a good start

Glisten, the UK confectionery group, has started the 2005 financial
year with a bang, with turnover for the first four months some 45
per cent ahead of last year, company chairman Jeremy Hamer told
shareholders at the firm's...

Volume sales lifts Degussa 1H

Volume sales lifts Degussa 1H

Building on a stronger start to the year, Germany's third largest
chemicals group reports continued growth into the second quarter
with an increase in demand pushing up sales and earnings for the
period but the firm warned that...

Cadbury cautiously optimistic

Cadbury cautiously optimistic

Cadbury Schweppes has said that it is cautiously optimistic about
the coming financial year, having today trading updates ahead of
its interim and preliminary results. The company said that its US
division had particularly shown a...