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Hershey launched SoFit in 2016. Picture: Hershey.

Global confectionery sector to grow CAGR 4.6% from 2016–2021

Manufacturers to develop confectionery with vegetables for a healthier halo

By Jenny Eagle

An improving global economy, stronger than expected economy in developed countries and rising disposable incomes in developing countries are the main reasons why demand is growing for confectionery products, according to Global Data.

Roshen acquires Bonbonetti

Roshen acquires Hungarian firm Bonbonetti

By Oliver Nieburg

Ukrainian confectioner Roshen has acquired Hungarian chocolate maker Bonbonetti after receiving regulatory approval from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Excelent, more chocolate

Excelent, more chocolate

One of Romania's leading and longest established chocolate makers,
Excelent, has relaunched its Kandia branded chocolate under a
multi-million dollar investment. The money has also included an
extensive revamp of its production...

Peanut peril

Peanut peril

Research published findings in the Journal of Food Protection
suggests that the presence of undeclared peanut protein in European
chocolate is much higher than in North American confectionery.