37% of viable probiotic cells are lost when added to chocolate at 40°C, according to a more precise laser detection method

How to measure probiotic counts in chocolate

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Flow cytometry – a laser-based cell sensor system – is almost twice as accurate at measuring probiotic levels in chocolate when compared to traditional methods, according to research.

Will you join the likes of Bayer Consumer Care, Bifodan, Capsugel, Cargill, Danisco, the European Scientific League for Probiotics, Jarrow Formulas, Johnson & Johnson, Lonza, Merck, P&G and Yakult at Probiota 2014?

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam

Probiota 2014: The ultimate pre- and probiotic science-business blend


Probiota 2014 – relocated from Brussels to Amsterdam and organised by NutraIngredients – will bring together the finest scientific and commercial minds operating in the pre- and probiotic sector in a 2-day, 2-stream event.

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

By Shane Starling

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and ongoing probiotic health claim uncertainty in Europe – its biggest yet most stagnant market.

Nestle's take two on probiotic curd market in India

Nestle's take two on probiotic curd market in India

By Ankush Chibber

In an attempt to rebrand its pitch to Indian customers who are yet to transition towards healthier food products, Nestle India Ltd has phased out its existing probiotic dahi (curd) product in India for a new brand.

The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

Get your pitchforks ready! There are evil-doers out there! We’ve been conned: Probiotics don’t work. Dannon’s settling out of court, EFSA’s rejecting health claims, and the media is starting a witch hunt.

Danisco breaks down probiotics market

Danisco breaks down probiotics market

By Lorraine Heller

North America and Eastern Europe are the two fastest growing markets for probiotic products, recording more than triple the growth rates seen in the most mature markets for the healthy bacteria, according to Danisco.

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