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Sterling crisis will impact cocoa farmer incomes, Fairtrade warns

By Anthony Myers

After the pound hit a record low against the US dollar at the end of September, the Fairtrade Foundation is warning of the potential impact of the market volatility, both on farmers in low-income countries and the UK shoppers who buy the food they grow.

White packaging trend goes global, but it could have retail implications. Photo credit: CPS International

Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

White is the new black – but does it make a bland shelf?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

White packaging is on the rise globally, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out within the retail space, according to an industry commentator.

Meiji takes 113% hit to confectionery operating income

Meiji takes 113% hit to confectionery operating income

By Oliver Nieburg

Japan’s second biggest confectioner Meiji Holdings has reported a steep decline in its first quarter (Q1) confectionery profits as its chocolate sales fall and it suffers from a “shrinking” gum market.