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Ferrero ups sustainable cocoa and sugar purchases as it aims to source both ingredients solely from sustainable sources by 2020. Photo: Fairtrade

Ferrero to double Fairtrade cocoa purchases

By Oliver Nieburg

Ferrero is to double the amount of Fairtrade cocoa it purchases and will buy Fairtrade sugar for the first time as it targets 100% ‘sustainable' sugar by 2020.

Mondelēz: ‘Ultimately we will source all our cocoa from Cocoa Life'

Cocoa Life program update

Mondelēz: Deadlines on sustainable cocoa are not realistic

By Oliver Nieburg

Mondelēz International plans to eventually source its entire cocoa supply from its Cocoa Life sustainability program, but says setting deadlines won't lead to meaningful impact on the ground.

Certification equips farmers to lead better lives and to tackle the global cocoa deficit: UTZ Certified

UTZ: Certification is our weapon against cocoa deficit

By Oliver Nieburg

Certification is one of the most potent tools for chocolate makers to avoid serious cocoa shortages and to improve the lives of farmers, according to the burgeoning certified cocoa organization, UTZ Certified.

US products to be covered by Nestlé's sustainable cocoa program


Nestlé Cocoa Plan to expand to US products

By Jenni Spinner

Nestlé USA announced at the National Confectioners Association (NCA) show that the company is expanding its Nestlé Cocoa Plan responsible sourcing program to its American product offerings.

Cocoa certification: Pros, cons and costs

Cocoa certification: Pros, cons and costs

By Oliver Nieburg

Cocoa certification brings more advantages than disadvantages for farmers and communities as improved yields and pay outweigh rule differences among certifiers and potentially unequal payments, a study has found.

Cargill in bid to boost sustainable cocoa in Cameroon

Cargill in bid to boost sustainable cocoa in Cameroon

By Jane Byrne

Cargill’s Cocoa and Chocolate division is rolling out its Ivory Coast UTZ certification farmer training programme in Cameroon - a move the processor anticipates will dramatically boost sustainable cocoa output in the fourth largest producer country.