Striking pack boosts Altoids Sours launch

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Callard & Bowser-Suchard has expanded its Altoids breath mint
brand into the wider US sugar confectionery market under the
Altoids Sours name with a striking pack design.

When Callard & Bowser-Suchard decided to expand its Altoids breath mint brand into the wider US sugar confectionery market under the Altoids Sours name, it decided that a striking packaging design was needed to drive consumer acceptance of the product.

The result was a circular tin from Crown Cork & Seal's speciality packaging division which both companies claim reflects consumer demand in the adult-orientated sour hard candy.

"Altoids has a long tradition of enhancing bold products with bold packaging design,"​ said Bruce Weiss, senior brand manager. "The challenge was to create a package that embodied the heritage of the brand, while setting the tone for the experience to be found within."

The package is constructed of strong, premium-quality tinplate that conveys the sophistication of the product to the adult consumer, the company said. The logo and elements of the Altoids brand are embossed directly onto the can, reminiscent of antique canning styles.

The strong colour scheme - citron on silver for Citrus Sours (which are in fact lemon and grapefruit flavoured) and orange on silver for Tangerine Sours - clearly identifies each flavour. The lid slips on securely to ensure product freshness and moisture resistance, and is easy to open with a gentle squeeze of the thumb and forefinger. At 78 mm in external diameter and 25.4 mm overall height, the package is designed for portability and fits conveniently inside the consumer's hand.

Crown​ has developed other successful packaging solutions for Altoids​, including the traditional tin packaging for its popular mints, the pocket-sized 'Tiny Tin', a heart-shaped 'Love Tin', the over-sized 'Big Tin' and a range of special editions tins aimed at the collectibles market.

"Unique and distinctive packaging has become one of Altoids' most enduring equities,"​ said Weiss. "It reinforces and embodies our brand promise to deliver 'Curiously Strong' products to consumers."

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