Self-refrigerating can ready for market, companies claim

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A new self-refrigerating can lowers beverage temperature bya
minimum of 16.7° C in just three minutes, its developers claim.

The Instant CoolCan, as it is being called, is the result of a partnership of Tempra Technologyand Crown Holdings. The two are currently discussing commercialization andmarketing strategies with "top beverage" companies, Tempra announcedon its Internet site.

Various companies have been attempting to design more convenience into their packaging, such as materials that can heat or cool food and drink products. Such products are designed for on-the-go, hot food and beverages but have had a checkered history.

Tempra claims its can works and is safe, unlike some of the other packaging with similar claims that have reportedly exploded when consumers tried to use them.

"The I.C. Can is a 100 per cent safe and environmentallyfriendly self-refrigerating process that cools using brilliantly simple waterevaporation,"​ Tempura stated. "In fact, it's proven to lowerbeverage temperature by a minimum of 30°F (16.7°C) in just three minutes."

The design uses thermal, insulating and vacuum heat pumptechnology, according to the description. The self-contained can is the aboutthe size of a 500 ml beverage can. This includes the beverage container itself,and the integral self-cooling device.

The proprietary technology developed for the can creates thetemperature drop. When activated, the all natural desiccant contained within avacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator into aninsulated heat-sink container.

The can uses no carbon dioxide, CFC, HFC, or any othercompressed gas and is non-toxic, without risk of gas or vapour escape, Temprastated.

The technology company has also been working on self-heatingcontainers for food. The packaging can be used for single serving soups,coffees, teas, cocoa and hand-held food on demand.

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