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Resealable candy moves on from Eighties: Enter child resistant and sensory cue packs

By Oliver Nieburg

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Consumers want more from resealable candy features like child resistance and sensory cues, says Presto
Consumers want more from resealable candy features like child resistance and sensory cues, says Presto

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Presto Products Company says consumers are demanding more from closure features and claims confectionery firms can leverage child resistant resealing technology and zippers giving auditory affirmation that a product is closed.

Todd T. Meussling, senior sales manager at Presto told ConfectioneryNews: “When zipper first came out on packages in the late Eighties and early Nineties everyone wanted a zipper closure on a pouch to contain something – confectionery especially is a great application. But as time goes on a consumer is asking for more features to a closure.”

Presto launched its Child-Guard slider at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicagoand also showcased its Click ‘N Lock sensory zipper, another recent addition. It claims the two technologies could help meet changing consumer demands.

Child proof packs

Presto’s Child-Guard slider complies with the US’s Poison Prevention Packaging Act, which stipulates that 80% of children cannot open the package within 10 minutes, but it is easily opened and closed by adults.

The package opens by aligning the slider tongue with the groove, pressing down lightly on the slider’s top side and pulling the slider across the zipper track.

Applications in confectionery

It is likely to attract householder cleaner and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to keep children out, but Meussling said that it may also appeal to confectioners.

“Child resistance could be used for products where safety is important, but a lot of times they want to limit access on products that in large quantities may not be good to ingest for a small child.”


He gave the example of nutraceutical candy or confectionery that was infused with THC for medical marijuana patients. A confectioner may also use the package as portion control for small children or as a means to keep kids away from chocolates containing alcohol, he said.

Sensory cues

Sargento recently launched a cheese pack using Click ‘N Lock sensory zipper.

Presto also recently launched its Click ‘N Lock press-to-close sensory zipper, which contains two zip locks that make a noise when opening and closing.

“We’re offering sensory cues to the product. Many times when someone closes a package they are not sure they have got it closed. They want affirmation of the close.”

He said Click ‘N Lock had a pronounced sound when opened and closed to let consumers know. “For many people it’s a perception of freshness because it is a very crisp opening. I think chocolates would benefit from something like this.”

The resealing technology is currently being used by Sargento for shredded cheese and for Sun Maid raisins. “We’re talking with people on the confectionery side now about some applications there too,” ​said Meussling.

Perceived freshness

“The perception is two locks are better than one and better containment and security,”​ he continued. “We’re not making a claim that it actually will keep the product fresh. As packagers, we know that once the package is compromised then the degradation process starts.”

He said that a single lock was the most common in the confectionery industry and double locks were mainly for premium products. “But on the more premium products they are putting the double and they are finding the double in many cases it is within the price point to be able to include for the closure on their product.”

Meussling said demand was rising for smaller stand up pouches (8-12 oz.) to contain reseal features, where before they would have just been rip and fold or packaged in a paperboard box.

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