Premium chocolatier Firetree launches new Create range for home bakers

By Anthony Myers

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Firetree's new Create range, especially made for home baking. Pic: Firetree
Firetree's new Create range, especially made for home baking. Pic: Firetree

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Premium UK chocolate brand Firetree has responded to the home baking trend that has swept the country since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic by launching ‘Create with Firetree’.

The 2kg bags of easy melt chocolate pieces comes in three varieties - Solomon Islands Guadalcanal 69%, Vanuatu Malekula Island 72% and Philippines Mindanao Island 73% - and are designed for chefs, pâtissiers, chocolatiers, and home cooks who demand the best ingredients and single estate chocolate in their kitchens.  

David Zulman, Firetree’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, said: “On 15th July, to celebrate the launch of Create, Firetree Ambassador and chef Gourmet Glow will host a cookalong. The programme will guide you through the techniques needed to make an impressive chocolate dessert using one of our new ranges. We will provide the chocolate and a list of the remaining easy-to-source ingredients.

“Following a Q&A with Gourmet Glow, which will discuss expert food pairings, a live tasting of the rest of the Create range will then take place. This event is perfect for avid home cooks who are looking to create surprisingly easy wow-factor chocolate desserts and to pick the brain of a culinary and a chocolate expert in the same event.”

Firetree’s unique flavour of chocolate is due to the volcanic soil of these island estates, where the cocoa tree or “firetree​” thrives in uniquely rich, porous, volcanic soil.

The company’s super-premium cocoa beans are expertly selected by Firetree farmers and masterfully crafted by skilled chocolate makers to enhance, develop and bend the taste and create smooth, rich chocolate that is known for its depth and complexity.

Firetree’s natural range is made up of three 2kg bags and contains no additives or flavourings. It is available to buy at £50 from its website​. The packs are dairy-free, suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people, as well as being halal and kosher certified.

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