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This is the second time Silver Spoon has been pulled up by advertising regulators for making 'natural' claims about Truvia.

Truvia’s natural claim challenged in UK

By Niamh Michail

British Sugar has withdrawn a UK advert for Truvia which claimed sweetener was natural - despite having paid out €5m in a US court for the same claim two years ago.

Sugar row blamed for RGFC's loss

Sugar row hits Real Good Food Company

By Nicholas Robinson

The Real Good Food Company (RGFC) has blamed its row with British Sugar for its half-year loss and has referred the dispute to the European competition authorities.

Sugar moves at Danisco

Sugar moves at Danisco

Cheaper sugar ingredients could be on the way for food makers as
rumours continue to circulate about the proposed new rules to the
EU sugar regime that could open up the protected European market,
prompting Danish sugar giant Danisco...

EU ruminates on sugar regime

EU ruminates on sugar regime

With the failure of WTO talks in Cancun last year, pressure has
intensified on Europe's heavily subsidied sugar regime - trading at
three times the world price- to change. While critics want to see a
fairer regime with Europe...

UK sugar harvest imminent

UK sugar harvest imminent

British Sugar and the NFU have agreed the provisional factory
opening dates for this year's sugar harvest. Newark factory will
open on 12 September with the remaining five factories opening on
16 September.

Smooth as silk

Smooth as silk

Silky smooth, high-fruit chews can now be produced in a new,
no-cook process following a recent development from British Sugar.


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