Guittard's shining example of solar panels at its Fairfield facility. Pic: Guittard Chocolate Company


Guittard installs solar panels in its Fairfield facility

By Anthony Myers

Premium chocolate supplier Guittard Chocolate Company has announced it has added solar panels to its production facility in Fairfield, California, reaffirming its commitment to consistently work to reduce its environmental impact through renewable energy,...

Guittard's new 'Mindful' collection is available online and in stores. Pic: Guittard Chocolate Company


Guittard Chocolate Company launches new ‘Mindful’ range

By Anthony Myers

San Francisco-based premium chocolate company Guittard has launched a new line of ‘Mindful Choices chocolate’ —designed to ‘unite the artistry of chocolate with evolving dietary awareness’.

Guittard's celebrated chocolate chips arrive in Waitrose in the UK this week. Pic: Guittard Chocolate Company


Guittard launches baking chips into Waitrose stores in UK

By Anthony Myers

San Francisco Bay Area chocolate maker, Guittard Chocolate Company, is launching its celebrated, Fairtrade certified chocolate chips into premium grocer Waitrose stores in the UK for the first time, it has announced.