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'Natural' must be distinct from 'organic,' say industry trade associations

What is natural? Over to you, FDA...

By Elaine Watson

The comment period for the FDA’s probe into ‘natural’ claims has closed, leaving the agency with the unenviable task of sifting through a mammoth pile of submissions from thousands of stakeholders weighing in on the most contentious word in food marketing....

Torie Burke, CEO of Torie & Howard, spells out future growth opportunities

CEO Interview - Q&A

Clean eating trend fuels Torie & Howard's hard candy business

By Douglas Yu

Connecticut-based hard candy company Torie & Howard says America's clean eating trend is fueling its business growth. This year, the company has added a new distributor, expanding the firm's reach in New York City.

Organic hard candy set to bloom, says Torie & Howard co-founder

Personality of the Year runner-up

‘Hard candy superfreak’ eyes organic growth for Torie & Howard

By Oliver Nieburg

Torie & Howard CEO Torie Burke, a self-confessed ‘hard candy superfreak’, is hoping to grow her company’s distribution across the US and Western Europe as one of the few organic hard candy brands on the market.

“Too many claims and the consumer is overwhelmed, but miss some out and you could be excluding a powerful motivator for purchase,” says Mintel analyst

Can too many simple ideas on pack get confusing?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Putting more than one ‘clean’ label on pack treads a fine line between informing and overwhelming consumers, one analyst warns as the Commission issues controversial advice on egg labelling.

Organic food is selfish

Weekly comment

Organic food is selfish

The rise of organic food is a knee-jerk reaction to consumer health
fears, and threatens to unhelpfully steer us away from improving
the quality of food generally.

Organic producers questioned

Organic producers questioned

Production inspections carried out on organic manufacturers in
Finland last year revealed that some were using conventionally
produced sugar in their products. More worryingly, many companies
have not installed adequate tracing systems.

Organic meat on the menu

Organic meat on the menu

A new report suggests that competition in the European organic meat
industry is increasing, as the market begins to suffer from
overcapacity. This follows another report that linked the
popularity of organic meat in North America...