Easter 2019: classic treats get an upgrade in color, shape and flavor

By Kristine Sherred

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Jellybeans and sour gummies have left their mark on Easter candy, too, where non-chocolate sales reach nearly 30% of total sales, according to Brach's. Pic: Getty Images/Roberto Machado Noa
Jellybeans and sour gummies have left their mark on Easter candy, too, where non-chocolate sales reach nearly 30% of total sales, according to Brach's. Pic: Getty Images/Roberto Machado Noa

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More than two in three US parents make Easter baskets, according to the National Confectioners Association – here are several that might find a new home this year: Hershey put Reese’s Pieces inside other candy, Cadbury added shimmer to its chocolate eggs, and Brach’s made an all-berry bag of jellybeans – and Peeps add a slew of new flavors.


Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s is already Hershey’s most popular brand by far, and the confectioner continues to find new avenues to capitalize on consumers’ adoration of the peanut butter and chocolate treat.

Hershey Bar with Reese's Pieces

Debuting this spring: a Reese’s peanut butter egg stuffed with Reese’s Pieces candy. The 1.1oz eggs, already a fan favorite at Easter, are available nationwide for an RRP of $0.99. A six-pack of these specialty eggs runs $4.29.

They are also available in a 2.2oz king size for $1.29.

Dove Chocolate

Dove unveiled solid dark chocolate bunny ears that Mars Wrigley recommends for decorating or sharing (RRP $1.99).

Truffles are also in the basket this year in milk and dark chocolate, as well as milk chocolate peanut butter. A 5.3oz bag runs $1.99.

Twix Smell Smashers / Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Twix Bunny Cane

Mini Twix bars get squeezed into a clear tube with a bunny-ear lid. A 2.2oz tube runs $2.49.

Shell Smashers

Mars Wrigley built a ‘smashable’ hollow chocolate egg and packaged it in a purple box with four minis of three of its iconic candies – M&M’s, Snickers and Twix. The 4.62oz gift box is available exclusively at Wal-Mart for $5.00.

Cadbury Shimmer

The classic mini milk chocolate eggs get some pizzazz from a shimmery sugar shell. These on-trend treats are available in single-serve 1.4oz bags for an RRP of $0.99 or 7oz to 9oz bags for $3.89. Bonus: the iconic Cadbury purple gets an upgrade of sparkle and shimmer, too.

Cadbury Shimmer Eggs / Hershey Co.


Egg Hunt

Adding a splash of intrigue to Easter egg hunts, Ferrara offers a 4.16oz bag of 16 plastic eggs – including one golden egg – filled with Laffy Taffy, Nerds or SweetTarts. The bag costs $5.89 at Wal-Mart.

Brach’s Purple Rain

Brach's Purple Rain Jellybeans

Already a leader in the jellybean category, Brach’s has unveiled a berry-flavored assortment of its Jelly Bird Eggs aptly called ‘Purple Rain.’ The mix of berry, blueberry, blue raspberry and grape jellybeans are available in a 13oz bag for $2.69, or 3oz peg bags.

The candymaker continues to sell its classic jellybeans, too, which includes grape, lemon, lime, cherry, raspberry, orange, plus the unique vanilla-pineapple and the love-it-or-hate-it licorice. A 9oz bag runs for $2.69, but the classic combo is also available in 16oz and 33oz mega-bags – perfect for stuffing plastic eggs for the hunt. (Brach’s also produces bags of spiced jellybeans, speckled, and all black licorice.)

Also new for Easter 2019: a 3.2oz stuffed egg with plush bunny ears filled with an assortment of candies – Jelly Bird Eggs, Lemonheads, Now & Later and Trolli Sour Bite Mini Crawlers.

SweeTarts Sour Ropes Bunny

SweeTARTS Sour

Yet another popular Easter treat gets a modern twist this year: Brach’s has turned its SweeTARTS Jelly Beans sour, sold in a 13oz bag for an RRP of $2.39.

Ferrara is also packaging its SweeTARTS soft and chewy ropes in a ‘Bunny Box’ with two share packs. The 7oz box runs for $4.99.


In addition to its standard jellybean flavors, Starburst unveiled ‘Duos’ jellybeans, a 13oz bag (RRP $1.99) of six combination flavors, including banana berry, tropical cherry and ‘strappleberry.’

Jolly Rancher

A resealable bag of ‘Springtime Smoothie’ Jolly Ranchers (12oz for $2.79) features strawberry, watermelon, peach, orange and mixed berry-flavored candies.

Standard Jolly Rancher flavors – strawberry, watermelon, orange, grape, blue raspberry and green apple – find their way to jelly beans this Easter. The candies come packaged in a 1.5oz plastic egg container for an RRP of $1.39.


The classic marshmallow treat has found its way into jellybeans, in which marshmallow mixes with either raspberry or strawberry. A 10oz stand-up bag is RRP $4.59.

Peeps has also debuted a solid milk chocolate bunny in the same shape as its marshmallow brethren. Each 5oz bunny comes wrapped in a pastel foil.

Finally, the original marshmallow treat unveiled three new flavors across the US: Pancakes & Syrup, Cotton Candy and Orange Sherbet dipped in crème-flavored fudge. The brand has also developed flavors for certain retailers: Kroger carries Root Beer Float, while Target has Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Caramel Swirl and Walmart a Blue Raspberry.

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