Nassau Candy's new line of Clever Candy. Pic: NassauCandy

Colour special

Nassau Candy adds a splash of colour to the confectionery aisle

By Anthony Myers

Nassau Candy, a leading US manufacturer of specialty and private label confections, has introduced flagship products in its exclusive Clever Candy Everyday Packaged Line, geared towards the super-visual Generation Alpha.

FUNDAY'S  jelly snakes comes in there colourful flavours: raspberry, blackcurrant and passionfruit. Pic: FUNDAY

Colour trends special 2022

Colourful gummies, without the ‘guilt-trip’

By Anthony Myers

Using only natural colours and flavours, Australia’s rising star in the better-for-you confectionary market is revamping the gummy — without the guilt trip.

Bright, intense neon colours are signifying play and also inclusivity. Pic: GettyImages

Colour trends special 2022

Colouring food - with food

By Anthony Myers

Based on the concept of ‘colouring food with food’, GNT’s EXBERRY Organics are created from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants using traditional physical processing methods - and are bang on trend.

'Colour has a greater impact on taste perception than flavour'. Pic: Sensient

Colour trends special 2022

Colour is more than a trendy ingredient in confectionery

By Anthony Myers

With social media constantly pushing the boundaries of ‘exciting’ and 'unique' further, colourful, interactive food and beverages are becoming increasingly creative, writes Pat Hanson, Managing Director of Food Colors EMEA at Sensient.

There’s plenty of truth that ‘we eat first with our eyes', coined by Apicius, a well-known Roman gourmand from the 1st Century. Pic: GettyImages/Renphoto

The psychology of colour in baking

By Gill Hyslop

Colour is one of the most important sensory cues when it comes to choosing what to eat – influencing what consumers see, what they taste and what they feel while doing it. How can bakery brands capitalise on this?

Exberry products are made from edible, non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants. Pic: GNT

GNT launches new natural green Exberry colors

By Jim Cornall

Dutch headquartered natural product company GNT has launched two Exberry coloring foods made from turmeric and spirulina, which it said provides new opportunities for clean-label greens in dairy and other products.