Yowie Group

The new Yowie collection has landed in stores. Pic: Yowie Group


Yowie launches 'Animals with Superpowers' collectibles

By Anthony Myers

Surprise-inside confectionery brand Yowie Group has launched its latest collection, ‘Animals with Superpowers’, featuring extraordinary shapeshifting, infrared vision and magnetism along with sustainably sourced chocolate.

Yowie is set to make Halloween fun for those staying indoors this year. Pic: Yowie Group

Halloween 2020

Yowie Group launches ‘Halloween at Home’ campaign

By Anthony Myers

With Halloween costume parties or trick-or-treating being limited this year depending where you live in the United States, the Yowie Group has come up with a solution and has launched its ‘Halloween at Home’ campaign to encourage a festive, fun and safe...

Yowie in 10 US states through distribution deals

Yowie lays US distribution nest egg

By Oliver Nieburg

Toy-filled chocolate egg firm the Yowie Group has secured US distribution with large C-store chain Valero Corner Store.