Social Media

Today's shopper has an entire world of information at their fingertips to find out the history and benefits of the ingredients used within a product in an instant. Pic: GettyImages

The rise of the digital snacker

By Gill Hyslop

Technological advancements have opened seemingly infinite possibilities for innovation within the snack and bakery industry. We’re in a new era of food manufacturing with the ability to create a more connected experience for consumers and more efficient...

Millenials' presence on social media make them a very influential group, says Mattison

Catering to different generations

Capturing the sweet tooth of the Millennials

By Oliver Nieburg

Candy makers must connect on social media and allow criticism to appeal to the influential Millennials generation aged 13-31.

Kit Kat social media Halloween buzz

Kit Kat rules Halloween social media buzz

By Oliver Nieburg

Nestlé’s Kit Kat, manufactured on license in the US by Hershey, has grown its social media standing more than any other candy brand over the Halloween period, according to a report by social media benchmarking company Unmetric.