Smarties get a special scary makeover for Halloween


Smarties get a special scary makeover for Halloween

By Anthony Myers

As big brands look to the lucrative Halloween market, Nestlé UK announces that it has launched a Smarties pack for the first time to tap into demand for spooky sweets.

Pic: Nestle

Sweet anniversary

Polo, the mint with the hole, hits 70

By Anthony Myers

Originally produced by Rowntrees of York, the compact mint survived the war and rationing to become an iconic brand.

Greenpeace slams Swiss food giant Nestle's plastics commitment ©iStock

Nestlé plastics target: ‘Clear’ ambition or ‘greenwashing’?

By Katy Askew

Nestlé wants to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. The company says its ‘clear announcement’ demonstrates its commitment to ‘minimise’ the impact of packaging on the environment but critics argue a more radical approach is necessary.

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