Sweet Solutions: Exploring the Future of Sugar Reduction

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Sweet Solutions: Exploring the Future of Sugar Reduction

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Eager to reduce the sugar in your products by up to 50%?

Don't miss out on an engaging discussion with Dr. David Tsivion, CO-CEO & CTO, Incredo®, a global food-tech powerhouse and the creators of Incredo® Sugar, and Melissa Tisoncik, R&D Vice President, Blommer Chocolate, the company that commercialized Discovery reduced sugar chocolate empowered with Incredo®.

Together, they will delve into the pressing demand for sugar-reduction solutions, showcase Incredo® Sugar's cutting-edge technology and its applications in chocolate products, and discuss the future trajectory of sugar reduction and its impact on the food industry.

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Dr. David Tsivion Dr. David Tsivion CO-CEO & CTO

Melissa Tisoncik Melissa Tisoncik R&D Vice President
Blommer Chocolate Company